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Play 3G2 cell phone videos (with QCELP audio) in Win Media Player?

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  • Play 3G2 cell phone videos (with QCELP audio) in Win Media Player?

    My cell phone (LG Env Touch) has a camera that takes photos and videos.
    I can transfer the videos to my Windows XP computer, via the microSD card, and play them with Quicktime.
    I'd like to also play them in Windows Media Player vers 11.
    This is mostly because I like using an alternative file manager, Xplorer2 pro, which has a "Quick Viewer" function, which has a window inside the file manager to preview photos and videos. This media preview function uses Windows Media Player (and won't work with any other players).

    The cell phone videos file extension and format is .3G2
    Initially, these would not play at all in Win Media Player.
    But I downloaded and installed some codec packs, like K-Lite codec pack, and CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) -- and now I can view the video in WinMediaPlayer but the audio still does not work.

    From some codec tools, I've found that the video codec used in 3G2 files is MPEG-4V and the audio codec is QCELP (a qualcomm codec). Apparently, Apple Quicktime can handle QCELP audio but WinMediaPlayer cannot.
    WinMediaPlayer is now up to vers 12 .. and maybe v12 can play QCELP, but v12 needs Win Vista or Win 7 and I want to play videos on Win XP computer.

    Any suggestions for a fix, such as where I could find a QCELP audio codec to install on a WinXP PC?

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    The only thing I can suggest is to find a video converter. Some are free but I use MOVAVI. Don't know if it will digest .3G2 files (never heard of that extension.) It's inexpensive enough.
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      Mel: thanks for the suggestion.
      However, I'd prefer to play the videos directly, rather than convert each one.
      But conversion might be my only option. I might be able to convert them in batch mode, which will make it easier.

      3GP and 3G2 files are mobile phone video formats (some cell phone create 3GP, others create 3G2)

      While I don't know MOVAVI, thanks for the recommendation.

      The converter I have used successfully on these files (in case anyone else needs a recommendation) is
      Super at (which is just a GUI front end for some freeware tools.). The UI is a bit unusual (rather than have traditional menus at the top of the window, all the menu items are displayed after a right-click anywhere in the window...), but the conversions work.