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    Honestly, I meant it to be humerous ( especially the bumper car bit ).

    But when I came back to the thread, it seemed that something/someone
    did not agree ( something got stuck in this thread as near as I could see ).
    So I deleted the body and replaced it with a few words.
    Now it seems that my whole response is gone.

    I'm sorry and do hope everyone is ok.


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      Hi Paul!
      I took it as intended. And yes, something funny happened to the thread. I kept seeing the same posts in both pages 1 & 2. Seems to have cleared up.


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        Originally posted by Gary Beene View Post
        All I can say is "Seriously?"

        It's happened again! Yesterday, my wife and I were in her car, stopped at a stop sign while on the way home when a car barreled into the car behind me, who in turn hit me.
        Come down to Houston where folks know how to drive

        Kidding of course. I've been here less than a week and I've never seen such blatant disregard for watching the road. It's unreal.


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          Hi Keith!
          Funny you should say that. I had an ATT repair man here yesterday and he told me he was recently in Houston helping with an overload of service calls. He gave the same opinion as you just gave - very low/scary marks for drivers in that area.


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            The only traffic ticket I've ever been issued in decades was as a visitor to Houston where on Washington Avenue I was stopped as the first and only person at the red light in front of me where Yale crosses it. Stopped in the center lane, not the curb lane were there were several other cars at the red light next to me. I was looking at the rear view mirror and saw an 18 wheeler coming up on us in the curb lane pretty fast! I could see that he was going too fast to likely stop, choosing the extra space behind me and swerving into my lane, with me the only stopped car in front of him! He crammed on his brakes, and started tire slipping in the lane behind me. I knew if this kept up he would slam me from behind!

            I eye-blinked right and left and saw that I had enough room to whoosh through the red light to avoid getting crammed by him. I waited until the very last second it would take to verify that he couldn't stop. As it vanished and I smashed down on the throttle, in the rear view mirror I noticed that he was talking on a cell phone with his right hand, apparently steering the rig with his left!

            He barely slid into the intersection as he got the rig stopped! I whooshed through it safely to the other side of the light. But I would have been horribly bashed from him in the rear if I didn't do this and ..

            Of all things a Houston Cop car was in the Yale street lane to one side of me! He roared out and pulled *ME* over and gave *ME* a ticket for running a red light!! Skid marks and all, it didn't matter to him! There were cameras at that intersection. But it would of cost me a whale of a lot of money to go down to Houston to ever even get the case tried in court there. So I took the Texas traffic ticket forgiveness school class lunch class few bucks option we have in Texas and the whole thing was completely erased from my record for about $20 USD.


            Well, a couple years later as I was going down the big four lane Highway 6 into Houston again and was sort of facing traffic in front of me in both lanes, I looked behind me in the rear view mirror. Here comes an 18 wheeler full load concrete aggregate truck roaring up on me that was about to run into my rear end! I sped up to give him at least a chance to notice me and slow down, actually with some room left in front of me, but no place to go but off the highway into the grass median otherwise to escape. He still wasn't slowing down. I looked in my mirror.

            WOW! He was talking on *TWO* cell phones at the same time! One in his right hand and one in his left hand - steering the rig with his ELBOWS on the wheel.

            I knew I had enough room to romp into the median if it really was necessary. So I TROMPED the brakes in the car and, yep, he spotted it. He crammed on his brakes in the 18 wheeler, but as he got sucked into this episode, in my rear view mirror I saw him throw both cell phones out of his hands to grab the steering wheel! Yep, he slowed down, but swerved his head back and forth to each side, obviously trying to figure out how to get back the cell phones he had pitched! He inched up closer and closer to me, deliberately, flashing me the finger. Apparently, the the other car drivers in front of me had noticed what had happened; pulled over and left my lane 'open'. So 'we' roared off into Houston. It took me a bunch of work to dodge him, swerving lane to lane, but I made it OK. And fortunately, so did he.

            As a very high time aircraft instrument flight instructor and commercial pilot since way back in the 1960's, even the chief flight instructor for all the Texas Aggies at Easterwood Airport in College Station, Texas, my home town, during most of the Viet Nam era, I rode with over 1,500 Aggies who wound up flying there, and from which came some 47 US Generals. One of my 'info' bits that was part of the program there, was the fact that even during that part of my lifetime, over TWO THIRDS of all the instrument level flight accidents in the commercial aviation world were a result of COMMUNICATIONS DISTRACTION of the pilot(s) involved!!

            Think about this please. The commercial and airline pilot level folks are some of the most highly capable vehicle operating drivers ever a part of the human race! If, even in the 1960's, two out of every three accidents with these top level vehicle operators are absolutly the result of communication distraction, how can ANY average car driver, or even a commercial truck driver, EVER really afford to use a cell phone while driving - SAFELY - ?

            YES, it really does bother me to have to drive in Houston where I still need to visit monthly from up here in Aggieland. And I do *NOT* use a cell phone at all while driving. For I think obvious reasons I learned long ago were very dangerous. Just trying to help here. If just one person reading this changes their life and quits living with a cell phone or other distractive device taking away their attention while driving, I would even still cry if I heard this posting had made that difference.

            Mike Luther


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              That was a really interesting read Mike, and really puts things into perspective when it comes to driving and cell phones (or any other distractions).

              I just moved out here from Jersey and really like Houston (the surrounding areas anyway), but this driving is really something else. I thought it was just me (or being targeted for my yankee plates)


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                Cellphones don't just distract drivers on the ground

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                  Originally posted by Stuart McLachlan View Post
                  Cellphones don't just distract drivers on the ground

                  They've come to a conclusion on the investigation.

                  I'll get to it in a minute, I'm ROTFL at the moment! Somebody shut that alarm off, I'm texting!
                  The world is strange and wonderful.*
                  I reserve the right to be horrifically wrong.
                  Please maintain a safe following distance.
                  *wonderful sold separately.