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ReactOS, could be nice

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  • ReactOS, could be nice

    ReactOS is an XP lookalike and runs windows software.
    It's in alpha stage and i just tried it somewhat.
    It does run PB apps, could be very nice in the future to run as embedded os or something?
    Instead of linux i mean..

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    Is it odd from me to think it may run on this?


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      Originally posted by Edwin Knoppert View Post
      Is it odd from me to think it may run on this?
      It (ReactOS) says it is portable to RISC architecture, so maybe.
      Maybe it will be the RISC smartphone OS of the future.
      (The R in ARM stands for RISC. It's an ancronym inside and acronym.)
      The world is strange and wonderful.*
      I reserve the right to be horrifically wrong.
      Please maintain a safe following distance.
      *wonderful sold separately.


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        At this time it seems not to work.
        Some version difference.

        I am still looking for a ultra cheap way to make a mediaplayer(music mostly) but the screen makes it very expensive.
        I would use some windows software to make the UI.


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          I've looked at that too Edwin (ReactOS), and I'd like to see that move forward. My thoughts are that there are so many folks that want to stick with Win XP, it would give another alternative besides Windows 7 XP Mode (which I've been making good use of lately for my work with older data collectors which are difficult to connect to with Windows Mobile Device Center).


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            I don't need a replacement for legacy windows but the idea of having a processor icw with Windows (XP) is very nice.

            Imagne the things you can do with such a small device.
            Main reason not use a (android) pad is that i can not repair it myself.
            Also the idea that i could stick with Windows programming would be very nice (a major plus actually).

            Like i said, (touch)screens are very expensive, there are screens which seem to work with a device like this (yet to be seen of course).
            The price makes it almost pointless to create your own hardware.

            For electronics and such an ordinary screen could be used, you could also embed the cpu inside the screen.
            For example a dell screen has USB and would be sufficient to use imo.


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              I longer have them booked marked , there are few companies that have a complete pc, size of am pocket radio. Runs on 12 volts has USB, VGA sound and a com port, configurations very. I think the last models I looked at had an atom CPU and up to 2 gigs of mem.

              You can use litepc to reduce the size of an install, they may have links to to small hardware pc Items too. They also offer customizing windows to make media plays or windows to boot from a bios chip or SD card.


              A while back it was popular thing to make, a win98 portable media player by the electronic tinkers from the above mentioned items


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                Nice, if you also want to share a list of these pc cards over time?
                Would be nice.
                Must be small.

                Having a viable (thouch)screen for a small price is even better!

                I am not activly looking or in direct need for this but i am also a hobbyist at times and maybe ever to prepare me such a device.
                I did electronics for living years ago..

                All this boards are a nice replacement for the PIC ic's they have nowadays.


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                  Instead of using ReactOS want it be better to use any of my favorite version of Linux with WINE?
                  Yogi Yang
                  remember - Software development is an End-less cycle..!


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                    It is an option but the raspberry pi makers say it can not run on their board.
                    Maybe they meant with the software they provide.
                    But this is an arm cpu, that will cause issues as well, therefore wine may not work(?)