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Experienced Programmer needed for main screen skeleton coding (CLOSED)

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    Originally posted by Mel Bishop View Post
    Uhhh, Mr. Bob. You have stated several times that PB was written in 100 proof assembly. Doesn't your statement above sound just a tad hypotrical?
    hm Mel,

    If you where a car sales man and you have a website that only sells your brand of cars, say Dodge or Lincoln, could I then have you post a message about work to be done on my Ferrari (I don't have one, let that be clear) ?

    I mean, maybe tomorrow we can start asking people to write stuff in C# or PowerBuilder or PureBasic or RealBasic on this forum... souldn't that be 'great' ?

    I'm with Bob on this one. He defends his product as he should.
    So here we are, this is the end.
    But all that dies, is born again.
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      Steven, thanks for the tip on the UNICODE thing and EZGUI 5.0. Chris Boss says that an update to EZGUI is almost ready and it will include support for UNICODE and SLL.

      If he delivers this update then I'll go with EZGUI 5. If not then I'll go with API+DDT. No brainer!
      (This does not change the conditions stated above.)
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