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Using 32-bit PB on a Win64 system and what is the latest PB/CC6.0x

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  • Using 32-bit PB on a Win64 system and what is the latest PB/CC6.0x

    This is my first return to this forum in several years, so apologies if these questions have already been dealt with. I have had a break of several years from programming and I would like to get back into it again. When I last purchased PB compilers in 2012/13 I was using a 32-bit PC, running Windows XP, so I'd like to know:

    (a) Are there any issues using them (PB10 and PB/CC 6.0n) on a 64-bit system? I want to install under Windows 7 and/or Windows10 (both 64 bit).

    (b) In 2012, I bought PB/CC6.0. I also have a patch, dated 2013, for upgrading it to version 6.04. However from the main PB website, it would seem that the latest PB/CC is version 6.03. What is the meaning of this? Is PB unaware of that release, or is my patch wrongly named? Also, what kind of executable will it generate running on a 64-bit system?

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    Mottel I saw that subject was addressed not long ago. Do another search. Possibly on the large posted thread of Powerbasic has a New Home or something like that
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      PB/win 10 and PB/CC 6 will run without issues on a 64 bit version of Windows. The compiled code will only be 32 bit but will also run without issues on both a 64 bit or 32 bit version of Windows. The latest version of PBWin is 10.04 and PB/CC is 6.04 but the source for the upgrade seems to have been lost so r .03 is being sold.


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        Re. 10.03 in Product Announcements post #293
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          I can confirm what James stated. Running both PBWIN and PBCC on Win7 64 bit for a couple of years now without issues. Executables also work fine on 64 bit systems (clients and servers)


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            Given what was written about this on the thread "Power Basic Has a New Home," especially the post by Adam Drake and the one by Fred Harris, I don't think I should be using unsupported versions. So is there a way I can get the supported versions without having to pay for them again? I would like either the patches for upgrading PB10 to 10.03 and for upgrading PB/CC6.0 to 6.03, or the full versions of 10.03 and CC 6.03. (I already own PB10.0 and PB/CC6.0 and the unsupported patches for 10.04 and CC604, but I don't have the earlier patches.)


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              Win64 OS version run 32 bit PB executables fine, its a subsystem in win64 so just write your normal code and it will run without any problems as long as it is written correctly. I have both Win7 and Win10 64 bit machines running and they can run anything I have written in PB in either PBWIN or PBCC. As far as versions, if it runs, use it, I think I am using an earlier version, 10.02 and its not a problem.
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                I've been using 10.04 on Win 7 64 bit regularly for over 4 years to develop applications which run on a wide range of Windows versions. I haven't experienced any problems. I wouldn't bother trying to revert to 10.03.
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