Changes to Announcements

Starting today, and moving forward, the Announcements and Frequently Asked Questions forum both will effectively become nothing more than announcement forums. Part of the reason for removing the ability to reply to these threads is they will be periodically "pruned" to keep years old/out of date information from persisting. Please feel free to discuss in other forums.
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Why can I not post if I have already registered?

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  • Why can I not post if I have already registered?

    The forum is setup where new user accounts do not immediately have permission to post, and will require manual activation of the account by someone on PowerBASIC staff. You can browse and search, but will not be able to post until your account has been activated. Please contact us to activate your new registration. Please note when registering, full names are required as your user account as has been the rule for many years.
    Adam Drake
    Drake Software