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Posted Source Code Losing Indentation/Formatting

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  • Posted Source Code Losing Indentation/Formatting

    I'm a bit behind actually posting information on this, but several have made me aware of the fact that pasted source code is losing it's formatting on here.

    I have reported this to vBulletin - and they are aware of and have acknowledged the bug, but have given no further feedback.

    If you will switch to source mode, and paste code in, and wrap the code in code tags there, it seems to retain formatting if you switch back from plaintext/source mode to the RTF editor. You can also write the entire post in plaintext mode - inserting code tags where needed and this should also work.

    This button is the source mode button:

    Click image for larger version

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    I will post updates as soon as I have them - but for now, to retain indentation of code, you will have to switch to source mode (plaintext) when posting prior to pasting in source code and wrap code tags there as needed.
    Adam Drake
    Drake Software