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Error 478 Resource File Error

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  • Error 478 Resource File Error

    Please add your comments and suggestions as a Reply to this thread.

    PB/WIN - Error 478 - Resource file error
    Resource file error - The resource file referenced has not been found or is not identifiable as a valid resource file. A common cause of this problem is attempting to use #RESOURCE with a non-PBR file, or if the PBR file was not able to be opened by the compiler (for example, because the file is locked by another process or application).

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    I just got this error

    What the heck? I just got the same error - #RESOURCE ICON -Error 478

    It didn't do that a week ago. No major change in my code.

    I'm searching to see if any one knows why.

    Checked the obvious - yes, it is there, not corrupted.

    Win XP, PBCC 6.03


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      Hard to help without a code example of what you think should compile.
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        Its often easy to see whats actually happening with file access-related issues simply by watching i/o with a tool like Sysinternals Filemon (or Process Monitor as it's since incorporated) -


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          Hi Daniel

          Originally posted by Daniel Raymer View Post
          No major change in my code.
          Which changes do you have into your code?

          I have got for years the same error.

          Then i switched to the latest resource compiler from Microsoft.

          Then I had no longer this error.

          Maybe that helps.
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            Error message is out of date. To Wit:

            A common cause of this problem is attempting to use #RESOURCE with a non-PBR file, or if the PBR file was not able to be opened by the compiler
            #RESOURCE also supports *.RES files - which might be invalid - as well as all the intrinsic '#RESOURCE resource type' statements.

            I "suspect" this same message is used only for either bad *.PBR or *.RES files, but that is just an (educated?) guess, as I do not use the any form of #RESOURCE except for *.PBR files created with an external script (*.rc) plus PBRES program.

            I "assume" there are discrete error messages for invalid "#RESOURCE resource_type" statements.
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              Old thread but I ran into this problem again, with an Icon file as before. This time, un-checking Read-Only didn't fix it, but using Run-As-Administrator when starting PB/CC did fix it.



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                I take it back - Run-As-Administrator worked just once. Now, without restarting PBCC, I get the same #Resource Error 478 from my Icon file. Worked yesterday. If I figure it out, I'll post the fix.


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                  And it's BACK!

                  In June I got it to work by un-checking Read-Only and deleting the existing compiled EXE.

                  Now that doesn't work, and I get Error 478.

                  But, if I rem out this line, it compiles and runs just fine.

                  #RESOURCE ICON, 1001, "Dan38.ico"

                  That icon file is attached - nothing wrong with it, been using it for 15 years.

                  Above that is just:
                  #REGISTER NONE
                  #COMPILE EXE
                  #OPTION VERSION5
                  #INCLUDE "GFXT_Pro.INC"
                  #INCLUDE "CT_Pro.INC"
                  #INCLUDE ""
                  plus setting of a bunch of Equates like %DimCurveFit=100 and $CopyrightDate="2017" .

                  None of this was changed.

                  Running Win10, PBCC 6.03
                  Attached Files