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  • Power Basic current policy Questions

    I am still using sometimes PB9 and I am happy with it beside some Win10 problems

    Anyway - somebody was telling me, that Power Basic is completly dead now
    ... and the company doesnt exist anymore
    Is this true ?
    Luckely the forum obviously still exists with some activities ... will it stay ?
    Will there be future product cycles of PB ?

    Is there somebody out there, who is trying to combine ReactOS with PB to an ioT32 developmentplatform for an particulary hardware .. f.e. LattePanda or even ARM ?

    If everything is dead now - last but not least the final question: Is it somehow possible getting a copy of this forum before it is completly shut down?

    thanks to all PB users,

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    PowerBASIC is still alive and being sold and there are NO plans for this forum to shut down anytime soon... although I am unsure on future development as there are no recent announcements as such.

    Some European customers may have issues accessing the main website due how PowerBASIC is handling GDPR. None-the-less, the product is still being sold and I would highly advise v10 (Windows) / v6 (Console) as both are great upgrades from your version.

    You might be best served by emailing or for a response directly from the Drakes (current owners of the PowerBASIC brand).
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      ok thanks for reply


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        Yes - I am not seeing the main page - what is GDPR ?


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          GDPR -

          Many potential problems in there. I believe para 1.10 would be a biggee if sales are low (see bottom of that para) To avoid trouble with EU block web page access by IP numbers from there.



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            You must use a ProxyServer:

            US Server >


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              Markus Haefner The new owner of PB, Adam J. Drake , posted a public "roadmap" here, where he outlines plans for the future of PB.
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                Just some days before Adam Drake confirmed me in a message that his road map for PB is still valid. If i understand it right, he is is actually transfering PB into PB Code so that it can compile itself. Then he is possibly going to start making repairs and enhancements. The point is that pure ASM Code is hard to maintain.
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