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Starting today, and moving forward, the Announcements and Frequently Asked Questions forum both will effectively become nothing more than announcement forums. Part of the reason for removing the ability to reply to these threads is they will be periodically "pruned" to keep years old/out of date information from persisting. Please feel free to discuss in other forums.
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PowerBASIC Win32 Compilers 4.01/8.01

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  • PowerBASIC Win32 Compilers 4.01/8.01


    This version of the RND function returns a random integer value in the range of a through b. Contrary to statements in the documentation, it was designed for use only with positive integer parameters. If either parameter is negative, an invalid result may be returned. You should limit usage to positive numbers in this version.

    This function will be expanded to work with negative values in the next release of these compilers.