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PowerBASIC Products and Pricing

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  • PowerBASIC Products and Pricing

    PowerBASIC INC is pleased to announce some major changes in our product offerings.

    Starting immediately, the following product offerings and price changes are in effect. The PowerBASIC Sales site has been updated to reflect the following information.

    The flagship product prices have been permanently reduced as follows:

    PBWin10 $99
    PBCC6 $85
    PBForms2 $49
    PowerTree $49
    PBDOS $49

    Along with these price reductions, upgrades will no longer be offered. Customers who already have older versions of our products can upgrade by purchasing the latest versions of the products at the reduced prices.

    These prices will be honored for any customer who purchased our products within the last 15 days. To request a refund of the difference, please send an email to

    In addition, a new product bundle, consisting of PBWin10, PBCC6 and PBForms2 is now available at a price of $210 – about 10% of the individually priced products.

    Another major change is that the “classic” versions of PowerBASIC products - PBWin9, PBCC5 and PBForms1 - are now available for free. These will essentially become our “trial” versions, allowing potential customers try out our PowerBASIC products before committing to buying the more capable flagship versions. The free/trial versions can be downloaded from the PowerBASIC sales site.

    Finally, our manual supply is exhausted so we’ll be taking it off the sales site.

    PowerBASIC INC is taking these steps to make it easier for potential customers to evaluate our products and to make our products more affordable to new customers. We hope that the price changes will not only increase our customer base, but will also help increase the traffic flow at the PowerBASIC forums.

    Vivian Zale
    President, PowerBASIC INC

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    We apologize for the delay in getting serial numbers for the free products out to everyone. To fix that problem, we've added the serial numbers to the individual free product pages at the PowerBASIC Sales site.

    To allow us to track traffic on the free products, we will continue to require that you download the installation files through the links provided by the sales site. However, you no longer have to wait for us to send you an email with the serial numbers.

    And just in case you miss the serial numbers at the PowerBASIC Sales site, here they are:
    1. Classic PB/CC: 620414905
    2. Classic PB/Win: 520415665
    3. PBForms1.5 371310291 (revised)

    Serial numbers will continue to be delivered by email from PowerBASIC INC for non-free products.
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