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  • Thank You

    I so appreciate the loyalty that you all have given to me and to the PowerBASIC products, especially in the years since Bob’s passing. Your support, which has kept Bob’s legacy alive all this time, is something I will always hold dear to my heart. When times were so very difficult for me, your encouragement helped keep me going. Thank you for being there for me!

    I have to give a big thanks for all the help from Gary Beene, Eric Pearson and Tom Hanlin. I could not have kept the company going without them. Eric's work on the forums and Tom's work on the beta compilers are very much appreciated and have kept PowerBASIC on the path to future growth.

    I especially want to express my appreciation to Gary Beene, who for several years has freely provided support even when I was not there to carry some of the load. And since my return he has been there for me from morning to midnight every day of the week, answering questions, providing tech support, working with customers and guiding me on what I should do in different situations. He has been a true friend and has honored me by treating me as an extended member of his wonderful family. Gary never got to meet Bob, and I actually only met Gary for the first time when he joined me down in Florida for the final discussions with Drake software, which makes his commitment to me all the more remarkable, and appreciated.

    I’m especially happy that Drake Software has taken over the technical side of the company. With their depth of resources and company commitment to using PowerBASIC to create high-performance tax software products, I am confident they will keep PowerBASIC and Bob’s legacy alive for years to come. Please give them the support they need to keep it going.

    I will, of course, be dropping in to see how things are going. I look forward to watching as the new ownership moves to release a new generation of PowerBASIC products and to watching as new life is breathed to the PowerBASIC community.

    My heart will always be with the community that has treated me so well over all these years!

    Many thanks,
    Vivian Zale

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    A very big thank you Mrs. Zale and everyone mentioned in your post. I am glad you can now relax and enjoy life and take care of your health.

    I sincerely whish you all the best



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      My heart will always be with the community that has treated me so well over all these years!
      That's good as you surely own ours! Many thanks PowerVivian Click image for larger version

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      Rgds, Dave


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        I wish you all the best, Vivian!

        Kind regards


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          Thank YOU, PowerVivian. May you have many good years in good health ahead of you, because you deserve it.


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            Dear Vivian, I do not know you personally but only know you through the great service you and your husband provided to us all the years. We appreciate that you provided a future and that we will continue to benefit through all the sacrifices you made to get us wishes...Dean


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              Thank you Vivian! It is a credit to yourself and to Bob that through the adversities with the ups and downs of last several years you kept the spark of hope alive. It has been the privilege of many here to help you where we could to keep inching forward toward a sustainable solution for PowerBASIC. It is especially gratifying that the many long time PB'ers will be supported and the younger generations coming after us will have a great opportunity to use PowerBASIC too. Thank you for staying the course. You have been an inspiration to many in the PowerBASIC user "family".
              Rick Angell


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                Thank you Vivian for securing PowerBASIC a future. I already thanked Eric and Gary in the other thread, but thanks to you to Tom for all your work out of the limelight. Cheers.
                Bernard Ertl
                InterPlan Systems


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                  Mrs.Zale> I especially want to express my appreciation to Gary Beene...

                  Gary have my appreciation also.
                  I don't know about tomorrow,
                  I do know about yesterday...

                  Thank you Gary!



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                    Mrs. Zale, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to your husband and I take the chance to do it now with you. I know it's been tough times and that all we have the invaluable help of Gary, Eric and Tom. To all of them and in particular to the Lady is my thank you very much!


                    "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." - Abraham Lincoln.


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                      Thank you Vivian. I am sure other thank you,s like mine do not convey our deepest thoughts to
                      for what you have provided us. I have never expressed in this way, but you have treated us motherly.
                      I never really expressed my thanks to Eric, Tom, and Gary because I did not want anyone to be left out with hurting feelings that might of been supportive. Thank you gentlemen.

                      We closed 2 Fridays ago the first business we opened.
                      The commitment and sacrifice made to an entity since 1975 has really brought about sickness to see it no longer there and having the duties of the entity no longer there as well.
                      So I know how you feel and I thank you Vivian for striving through the entity of Powerbasic and keeping it alive.
                      Those words came easy to say but I know you earned them through a hardship.

                      Vivian. I am going to do a shot of alcohol just for you tonight which I rarely do.
                      p purvis


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                        Thank you Vivian and all members of our PowerBasic community for their valuable contributions and support in enhancing PowerBasic to the
                        present level. Best wishes to all of you, may God bless you all.



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                          Hello PowerVivian,

                          Many thanks for not giving up with all the pains you went through. You stayed the course and came out victorious - Not letting Bob's dream die. I thank you and wish you all the
                          best the future holds for you. You are a great woman.

                          PowerVivian, I remember you once told me when Bob was alive and just joined the community, that if I needed anything I should let you know.
                          Though I never catched in on that. I guess knowing that you got my back just kept me going.

                          Let me use this opportunity to also thank Gary, Eric, Tom and MCM for all the help they provided to keep this community going.

                          Best regards,
                          Fredrick Ughimi


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                            I echo all the above comments. As a grateful user of PowerBASIC (and before that TurboBASIC) since the early 1980s, many, many thanks for your perseverance, Vivian, in ensuring that Bob's legacy continues. His work has been enormously beneficial to my company and (I know from these forums) to hundreds of others.

                            Many thanks also to Gary, Eric and the many others who have kept these forums not just going, but one of the most supportive, helpful, encouraging and genuinely friendly places to discuss programming and IT generally. This was vital in allowing the PB community to remain active and loyal to to the superb products that Bob crafted.

                            With very best wishes to you, Vivian, for a contented retirement, knowing that you have done what Bob would have wanted, and to Adam and the team at Drake for the next chapter in the long and illustrious history of PB.


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                              Thank you, Vivian, for your dedication to keeping this place running while a suitable buyer was found. All the best, and look forward to seeing you say Hello in the future. Also, thank you again to those whom you thanked Gary, Eric, and Tom, your efforts deserve PowerKNIGHT status


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                                Thank you Vivian. We never met, although I spoke several times to Bob. I'm one of those who has used Bob's compiler almost every working day for the last 30 years, so thanks to Bob, and thanks to you for figuring out a way to keep it going for many years to come.

                                Cheers and best regards

                                Dan Raymer