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The Music Modernization Act

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  • The Music Modernization Act

    Politics really should not be a part of this discussion, because this bill has bipartisan support. This bill has a real chance of passing and it will be detrimental to indie musicians & songwriters, like myself. For music listeners, it will make the music you purchase needlessly more expensive, with the sole benefit being to pay the salaries of the government employees overseeing this.

    What is the Music Modernization Act?

    I am not necessarily a fan of Breitbart, but they have a good article on this: ... -industry/

    Almost nobody it affects is even aware of it. Mainstream coverage of this is hard to find, and it is the more fringe media that is even giving it any attention. ... gal-theft/
    I am legally blind. Please forgive any typos. I do try and catch as many as I can.