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  • 16x16 and 32x32 Icons

    I just posted code that when run from the command line will list drives attached or mapped to the computer. I'm looking at making version 2 and it having an option of parking itself in the task tray...
    I'm looking for some indicator Icons to reflect status of drives being monitored. Was thinking LEDs Green...all okay, Blinking Red...Huston we have a problem... Gray...scanning drives. Using that example I would need 4. Green,Red,Bright Red and Gray...
    Does anyone know where I can find decent royalty free icons for this simple use case? If I can find icons and get it working...I'll post the second version as well.

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Hi Michael, I have found usefull icons on
    Use their search filters to narrow your selection.


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      49 sites instead of google


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        If all you need are fixed colors, then you might consider creating them yourself. There are lots of free icon editors floating around.

        You can even create them on the fly, in your app. I've posted such code around here somewhere, for a toolbar, that is..


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          Thank you for all suggestions. I’ve programmed some for many years...but 95% has been with PPCC and zero need for icons. So looking to find everyone’s favorite places to locate these resources on the web... Google is a great resource, but sometimes it’s nice to have a “filtered” list like...”I’ve had great success with these over here...”. Here for sure I’m looking for 4 or 5 icons to just “drop-in”...knowing that the user of this code will be able to easily swap the icons and re-compile at will.

          Gary, good to know and I’ll look that code up just to see how it’s done...thank you for letting me know

          DrvSpMon...if anyone has some remote (aka network drives) attached and could test and post results that would be great. None here at the that has not been tested