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Storm in Dallas

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  • Storm in Dallas

    On Sunday we had a very strong storm - 1 dead, hundreds of downed trees with dozens of homes smashed by the fallen trees, thousands of trees with branches down, 350K people without power! We were without power for over 2 days and some areas still expected to be out for another 2 days. Tree debris is still all over the roads and in the yards.

    Not a tornado, just 70mph winds with no rotation.

    The state brought in power company trucks from multiple states to work the outage.

    Most all of our street lights were out. Folks here don't seem to understand the "take turns" approach to a 4 way intersections,

    Worst I've seen in the 40+ years I've been in Texas.

    Could have been worse had it been a tornado.

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    Originally posted by Gary Beene View Post
    Most all of our street lights were out. Folks here don't seem to understand the "take turns" approach to a 4 way intersections,
    What's the US rules related to maneuvering a 4-way intersection normaly served by traffic lights when the traffic lights are not working? Like a 4-way stop, yield to traffic from the right or yield to traffic on the defined main route? Would be good to know. Thanks.

    Good to know you're safe.
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      In NZ, if the lights are out, the intersection becomes as a non light controlled intersection. Give way to the right, turning traffic gives way - remember we drive on the left!
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        Here in Winnipeg, MB, CA when the power goes out, it is rarely out for more than half an hour, even though we have more than our share of storms to put them out. For the downtown congested traffic area, at rush hour, traffic actually moves faster without the lights as all intersections are treated as having fourway stopsigns. Traffic doesn't move fast periodically , but it keeps moving. Sort of like the tortoise and the hare. I've been caught in this several times and I wish that a regular rush hour would change to a fourway stop system instead of tying up traffic.

        There is, of course, the odd individual whose concept of 'taking turns' begins with 'me first'.
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