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And 10 years later...

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  • And 10 years later...

    Hello everyone, I wasnt sure where to post... i hope i dont get in trouble posting here....

    Today Brian Alvarez kidnapped me for some errands and we are now hanging out here at his house. Its been a while since i last posted, but i still am actively using PowerBASIC, just not very connected to the internet. I got a few questions via e-mail and PM about why I dont come to the forums as much as before and the answer is a mix of experiences that i dont think i want to remember. It would be too much drama and i know most would not like it, so, lets talk about something more positive.

    I work with a 3rd friend in the web design and Android apps field, i usually make heavy use of the tool that we (mostly Brian) made, i work on it some times for my own shamelessly selfish purposes () But for some strange reason Brian seems to be ok with that. As if my name was powerful enough that by saying I collaborate in PluriBASIC he would get more sales. Truth is, he does most of the work and i do part of the PHP part. He has become a master of programming.

    Its been a while since i got in the forums, i was told Mr Michael Mattias was banned, a couple more passed away. Its very sad to see the PowerBASIC community changing from what it was. No wonder why Brian wants it back. I am already 42 years old. Also gettind old. What else can i say? forum software changed,

    What are you guys doing nowadays?

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    :-) Hola Elias!

    Great pleasure to read you again! I thought you had become a famous painter, since you were never around here. I remember seeing your portraits of female faces ...
    Because of Pluribasic I had written you a private message.
    I'm happy to find you here, we had done some work together with egrid32 and a print engine derived from that of Chris, do you remember?
    Here we are now like old elephants waiting for something that could never come ...
    A big bear hug


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      Good to hear from you Elias.

      Send me an email to keep in touch.

      [email protected]

      Might be able be able to pass some work you and Brians way. Not a definite, but possible.
      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"


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        Hello Chris, i replied to your e-mail.