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Careful with credit card usage on the web

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  • Careful with credit card usage on the web

    Just found this article in regards to hackers able to steal credit card info by injecting some java scripts on legit websites:

    Hackers have hacked websites and placed in skimming codes
    to skim off credit card info of uninformed users. Also it is significant
    to note that checking with Malwarebytes can be of help

    Malwarebytes assesses that the tricks this domain uses to
    obfuscate the malicious code are tied to various site-hacking
    malware campaigns dating back to 2016. By the way, an installation
    of Malwarebytes on a test machine used for this investigation
    blocked the http[.]ps script from loading on each of the compromised
    sites I found.

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    The bad is lkely coming from advertising and such added third party web "lagniappe", a nicer word that I usually call it, and not from the actual originating web location.

    I have added and adding PI hole onto 2 Raspberry Pi 4 version single board computers at all locations.
    p purvis