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    1. You posted AGAIN in Source Code.
    2. I never said Borje did wrong.
    3, An image of top of page was posted, and you still posted again.
    Conclusion - You still don't read.

    They just took it as a reminder, like I meant it. That was the end of it till you poked your mouth in.

    (I'll just assume English is not your first language from your location; but amature is spelled "amateur".)

    I know I have faults. The adult thing to do was remind all they were in Source Code, not post "WTF" like you did.

    Topic closed as far as I am concerned.

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    >>I never said Borje did wrong
    Dale, by you posting the comment implied exactly that to me, which raised my ire, hence my response purely defending Borje who has been around longer than most and no doubt understands the rules of the forum.
    Happy to close the topic.