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Looking for an email reader of eml formats

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  • Looking for an email reader of eml formats

    Hi All
    Can someone recommend an eml reader ? , a kinda reader that can read and display email. I have backup some outlook emails from my office
    and need to read them while at home.

    I have tried Kernel EML viewer from

    but it is awful as their views are cluttered with all kinds of attributes

    I have also tried the Free EML Reader

    looks good but did not trust it as it could be malware?

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    Originally posted by Tim Lakinir View Post
    looks good but did not trust it as it could be malware?
    That one does look good. I might give it a try, why do you think it is Malware?

    My choice for searching for software is always Softpedia:


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      Yes Brice, I have a feeling that the Free EML Reader could be malware
      but when I sent its file to Virustotal they return 0/74 no detections
      It sounds too good to be true, as it website does not request for money?

      Thanks for the info on softpedia
      I have had experienced many malware attacks which I had to redo/reload my laptops many times
      wasting my time


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        With those numerous malware attacks, I have to place my important software progs ( which I developed) into a portable hdd
        and when one laptop is infected, I would plug the portable hdd into a another clean laptop. I make sure that when the laptop that
        is connected to internet, it is never use for software development.

        This is what my boss' advice me to do, as malware attacks these days are increasingly difficult to defend against. what would you do?

        In my office, we have multiple firewalls ( firewall appliances and local computer software firewalls) and a specially built
        standalone network which has no internet interface.


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          Tim, obviously just because something is free does not mean it is malware, not everybody is motivated by money. That said, I have no idea about the program in question, other than it looks nice. I have personally been looking for something like that myself, and just have not found something that is the "right fit" for me. Much of the software I use is freeware, because that is what I can afford. There is some good free stuff out there, but you have to wade through knee deep garbage, at times.

          I used to do contract work for a defense contractor. Security was a must and internally they used 8,000-bit encryption which is far above DOD standards.

          Even before that, my rule of thumb has always been my development machines are never connected to the internet. Even in my studio, my audio/video production systems are not connected to the internet. I usually have one or two systems that are meant for internet use and that is all they get used for. Anything I download to install on another system is first downloaded on the internet system and scanned and then transferred to whatever development system it needs to go on. This allows all development machines to run at optimal performance and not be bottle-necked by antivirus software.

          That said, that is NOT an ideal situation for most people. In your situation, and with the issues you have had, I strongly recommend you download this:

          It is now 100% FREE. I have paid for it for years. It was well worth the $$. With Sandboxie, you can run your browser in a Sandbox. Any malware or attacks usually cannot get to your system through the Sandbox. You can delete and create new Sandboxes with no effort as often as you need to.

          You can also run almost any software (for the most part) in the Sandbox, but most people will just run their browser (or other vulnerable software) in the Sandbox. The only thing you need to watch, is you need to disable automatic updates in your browser, as it will try and update the version in the sandbox and not the actual version and this can cause some conflicts. Just close Sandboxie, start the browser normally and update it, then close it and start Sandboxie.

          and a specially built standalone network which has no internet interface.
          I have always tried to stress to businesses Intranet NOT Internet. Sounds like your company is trying to be proactive and is doing more than many companies.


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            I should also stress, with Sandboxie, you can install and try out all new software in the Sandbox so it cannot infect your system if there is something wrong with it. This allows you to test any new software without compromising your system.


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              Thunderbird has an addon to import EML files:


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                Did you try Windows Mail (native mail client)?
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                  Thanks Everyone