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How good is Avira anti virus software

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  • How good is Avira anti virus software

    Hi All

    Have anyone use Avira anti virus software , it looks impressive. Please give your thoughts on this software

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    I suffer from an extreme wariness of AV software, my own choice is the free Kaspersky KVRT.exe which I download each time I choose to do an AV scan. There are only a few that I would trust and that is with some doubts as well, Kaspersky, Eset and interestingly enough the default Microsoft one for Win10. Avira has the unhappy reputation of delivering false positives like many other fringe AV companies that pool their nonsense together.

    The old rule is still a good one, trust no-one and secure your machine properly, trusting an AV scanner is a good way to end up in trouble. Also keep a disk image of your important data and your boot drive, it will beat anything, ransom ware, viruses, trojans and the like.
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      Thanks Steve, I will try out Kaspersky


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        These days, assuming the OS is Windows 10 and brain is engaged while interacting with the PC, Windows Defender is a decent enough choice. No need to install any additional AV. I'm a strong supporter of Kaspersky, but even I dropped it.

        Most of the time, using critical thinking, you're able to tell if something is malicious or not. At least, if it's suspect. In case of files, there's some help out there to further investigate:

        Bonus points: samples uploaded there get distributed to all participating AV companies, so that they can add that threat to their engines.