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Really do I need a sound driver loaded.

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  • Really do I need a sound driver loaded.

    On where performance matters.
    I saw an interenet post at some random site about disabling the sound in the operating system which then got me thinking.
    At the present, sound is muted on just about all workstations.
    Personally from years of experience, sounds much of the time coming from equipment is very annoying. Of course not with the first computers we had because it was all new to us on the use of computers. But equipment in the office has grown. I even don't like to go into McDonalds with all the beeping.
    So now I beginning to wonder in those machines with the sound off and not having the current fast processors. Maybe I should remove the drivers and not just mute the machine if I need the extra CPU resources.
    We try to remove anything that is not a must on these 32 bit operating systems.
    Usually the real problem is from a program written poorly where the programmer thought only of his own program and not the effects of a poorly written program that is inefficient about how it works and effects the overall system. Usually networking has a part to
    play in our programs.
    p purvis

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    1. Sound is an "interrupt". It allows us as humans to know something happened or is happening.
    2. Sound is a means of communicating detailed formation

    Give those statements... do ANY of the programs on the computer need to alert someone with sound, do ANY of the programs on the computer need to communicate information to the user?

    Some important things to think about...
    • Error alerts
    • Important notifcations
    • Corporate videos (ethics training, CBTs, etc.)
    • Web browsing
    • News reports
    • Audio playback such as voicemails
    • WebEx type communications
    • Collaboration
    • Client music
    Also be aware some programs will NOT work without sound drivers loaded.

    Finally, Think of the end users needs/wants and not just drive from an IT perspective. The world of NO in IT has been long left in dust. Now it is more about accommodating the user's needs in a safe/secure fashion. Which is why the computer is there in the first place... to work FOR the user.
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      With software for folks with vision impairments, audible indications of activity/progress are very important. Removal of sounds would be inappropriate in those cases.


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        > I even don't like to go into McDonalds with all the beeping.

        But would you want to work on a cash register without it?
        "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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          saw an [internet] post at some random site...
          Oh, so you get your information from the same place as that guy who lives in La Casa Blanca, huh?


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            Yep. Me Boudreaux and me could not hang at the around much dis month becuz tis cherree got da flu n she don't have time to he to learn me no!
            p purvis