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  • Run Execute your files exe bat com

    I had to resort to setting an environmental variable to this below to over come problematic windows operating system. Disable Zone Checking for All Users


    in user environmental variable.
    in autoexec.nt
    in batch files at the beginning of them.

    I had placed an user environmental variable but some times I cannot see it with the SET command.
    So I placed it in the autoexec.nt file.
    Also I placed it in the batch files on the server.
    I am using windows 7 pro. But ha e not see these with issues with windows 7 ultimate butit is all a blur right now.

    i did not see any forum mention of this before.
    I am just bringing this to light and still working through windows issues.
    p purvis

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    See here for alternative solutions:
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      Originally posted by Paul Purvis View Post
      I had to resort to setting an environmental variable to this below to to endanger our IT infrastructure.
      Here, fixed that for you.


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        Thanks Knuth.
        I can always use a good laugh even at myself.
        I hope it is a temporary fix.
        Really. We only run programs I have put on our network and I am very careful and slow to do so after I feel I have tested programs. Yes it does tend to slow filling our needs but I feel pretty good about securing our computer needs.
        p purvis


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          Stuart. I had to take some time off. Overworked.
          I saw some of those similar fixes elsewhere but I did not see where it helped but I will try again.
          p purvis


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            Finally getting down to some results but still not happy about fixes but it will take more testing.
            I have my Linux server set up with to share files like peer to peer. I would never do a domain server on our small number of computers due to having to rely on a single computer. Although one has been running non stop or boot for over 450 days or more.
            On windows 7 with updates applied, I found where in internet options under security and local trust I had to have some options checked and also I added my server computer name added.
            There were some odd things I will write about later. Not on this iPhone.
            Here is an image of my settings. Oddly things did not go correctly when I checked the global setting.
            p purvis