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Windows 7 32 bit os on hardware with than 4 gig memory

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  • Windows 7 32 bit os on hardware with than 4 gig memory

    We are in the process of moving from windows xp 32 to windows 7 pro 32 bit.
    I was lucky in that I have all the windows 7 pro 32 bit drivers on pretty new equipment to make the move.
    Now it is changing rapidly to where most the new machines will be scarce on me finding drivers.
    I do not know where I will be in 3 years with all this but Windows 10 has given use such a big headache and cost too much to support for what we want to do.
    Well, as you know, most of the newer machines would come with 8 gig or more ram. I did make some purchases of some machines about 1 1/2 years ago that were based on the Intel 6 generation series chipset that is supported by windows 7 but the newer Intel 7th and 8th generation is more difficult, mostly for the INTEL video driver, specially 8th generation.
    Well anyway, I did take out some of the ram. I have had ram memory issues lately that have caused me a lot of time.
    I like a machine to be dependable. I did leave in the extra 4 gig memory thinking to myself why and i would come back and remove it later.
    I finally updated my xp machine at one location to windows 7. It is a big move for me but i am not in production where i had to have it first but testing is necessary too.
    What i started playing around with was a ram drive and this machine has 12 gigs on it.
    I put my page swap file on it and my temp directory. I had a SSD drive and just did not what the drive being beat up by windows 7 even though it is putting files on the drive of all sorts like drives are going out of style. I have not cursed at Microsoft today yet.
    I have turn so much services off and logs of all kinds, it is just unbelievable how much Microsoft can slow down a computer. I do not want a computer that hot and needs air conditioning.

    I had made some reg changes that i made with windows xp to use the extra ram. For the most part. That was a mistake.
    I found out that windows 7 would use the extra ram above 4 gigs in my system to place instead of swapping to physical drive or at least the pagefile.sys.
    I thought I had to make a change in my system to allow for PAE memory but PAE is set automatically.
    I did nave to make a reg change for my ramdrive software tho to use PAE.
    Here is directory listing of my ram drive and even tho you do not see a "\TEMP" directory, it is there.
    R:\>dir /a:h
    Volume in drive R is RamDisk-PAE
    Volume Serial Number is 1234-5678

    Directory of R:\

    09/26/2018 10:28 AM 4,293,918,720 pagefile.sys
    1 File(s) 4,293,918,720 bytes
    0 Dir(s) 9,096,712,192 bytes free


    Here is a driectory of the ram drive software i am using. Not the fastest but it cost me nothing.
    You want to get the rramdisk.sys file that is version 1.4096 5 and mine is dated 7/22/2016 if that date matters.
    Directory of C:\utility\RAMDRIVE\GAVOTTE

    08/28/2018 09:44 AM <DIR> .
    08/28/2018 09:44 AM <DIR> ..
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 5,120 addswap.exe
    07/13/2016 12:26 PM 178,967
    08/28/2018 09:45 AM 326 nolowdiskspacechecks.reg
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 288 ram4g.reg
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 2,247 ramdisk by lyh728_chs.txt
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 2,247 ramdisk by lyh728_cht.txt
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 128,512 ramdisk.exe
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 12,288 rdutil.exe
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 5,065 readme.txt
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 5,719 readme_chs.txt
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 6,105 readme_cht.txt
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 3,216 rramdisk.inf
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 12,288 rramdisk.sys
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 14,848 rramdisk64.sys
    07/22/2016 01:34 PM 33,792 rramdiski64.sys
    08/28/2018 07:17 AM <DIR> x64
    15 File(s) 411,028 bytes
    3 Dir(s) 33,080,516,608 bytes free

    Well basically, if you do not use the ram like I am and if you have more that 4 gig of ram installed .
    What i have read on the internet is that windows 7 will make use of it rather that using your pagefile.sys so much.
    So yes it is good to keep that ram in your machine if your accessing large amounts of memory with multiple programs.
    p purvis