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Beta testers needed (sort of)

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  • Beta testers needed (sort of)

    Hi gang,

    My new venture is a web site, and before it goes live next month I need some people to bang on it for me. Haven't had much luck recruiting friends and relatives. My only requests are 1) keep it secret for now and 2) give me some sort of feedback. Even "it's not my thing" is useful data at this point.

    I used a ton of programming to create it, but it's not a programming/software site and this is not "software testing", unless you count WordPress. The site is aimed mostly at people who have a connection to the Great Lakes region. They live there, or vacationed there since childhood, etc. Is there anybody in that group on this forum, who would be interested in trying to break my site? If you are interested, please send me a PM or email: [email protected] Others are welcome too, that's just the target audience.

    For those not interesting in testing, I'll post here again when it goes live. IMO it's pretty cool, but then again I grew up on Lake Michigan.

    -- Eric

    "Not my circus, not my monkeys."