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Stopping Windows 10 updates with Android Firewall?

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    Paul, you can use gpedit and point windows update server to


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      Thanks you Neil.

      Googling picked up a nice article on using metering setting to disable updates and from my reading that windows Home does not honor settings that can be made in higher os versions, with windows Home it looks like for now using an connection metered adjustment might be the only way to go.
      In my view, windows os being not owned and leased does not give Microsoft full approval to push updates on the equipment that you own along with the data you own.
      p purvis


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        Neither work on Win10 home.

        Metered connection settings are now ignored completely when Microsoft decides that the update is important. I've already been caught out by that a few times and run up big bills because Win10 has decided the 1GB+ update is more important than my data costs.

        There is no GPedit on Win10 home and reports that it can be installed still say that the policy settings are again ignored (re-set) by Microsoft when they decide the update is important, which is all the time.

        If you can give set-by-step instructions on how this could be done and remain permanently in Win10 home then I'll try it but all my previous attempts have failed.

        My current plan is to use 2 Android phones.
        The first set as a hotspot which will allow the Win10 tablets to be networked, but not connect to the internet as 3G data will be disabled.
        The second will connect to the first network and to retrieve the files I need for upload to the internet.
        This way, the tablets have no internet connection and appear to run OK.
        Now I just need to learn BASIC4Android and hope the task isn't too difficult to program.


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          Paul, I know these capacities vary from country to country but if you can get access to a hard wired wifi router without having to pay for roaming bandwidth you should be able to get all of the updates at very low cost. I suffer the Win 10 problem from the other end, endlessly dumping mindless changes to a retail version of Win 10 Professional which at best is only consumer junk and their advertising. I have to almost daily go and find what they have messed up again and fix it. I know people in the country that can no longer use the internet if they have Win10 on a laptop as they don't have the bandwidth to keep being dumped with a mountain of junk.

          I don't know the devices you are using but if they have x86 hardware, would XP run on them ? If so you could avoid most of this mess as long as you secured it yourself.
          hutch at movsd dot com
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            The data cost isn't the only problem.
            If the download succeeds then the tablet shuts down and takes hours before the update fails and the download starts again.
            The tablet becomes useless if it gets a connection to the internet. It becomes costly and useless if the connection isn't free.

            The tablets I'm using are x86 tablets that came pre-installed with Win10.
            Similar to these:

            I don't think it's possible to install WinXP on them as there are no WinXP drivers for the chipsets in the tablets.


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              Did you try the batch file solution suggested here?
              Rgds, Dave


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                We had a small device with windows 10 on it.
                I uodated it to professional version from whatever windows 10 version it had on it.
                Windiws is a hog. I had to strip all the programs that cones with windows including defender and anything else I could find.
                I stopped as much logging as I could.
                The device only had 2 gig memory and about 32 gigs of hard drive space.
                I think Microsoft has some rule limitations on these small device where they cut their cost to the manufacturer. With some updates the drive space really feel a lot but I strill thought it ran better than I expected and from my test I could get it to boot in legacy and only the UEFI mode which means no windows 7 32 bit would boot up on it.
                But I believe if there is a want and effort. You can do a lot of things. I had written some code to kill internet explorer if you used the -extoff option.
                Maybe you can kill these services running if they start.
                Yes it will take a little CPU cycles but not too much if done right.
                p purvis


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                  install gpedit on win10 home.... don't have home to test with but cant see why it wouldn't work.


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                    Paul D
                    One approach may be to identify the windows update service and set the executable's permissions to deny Everyone.
                    That approach has worked for me in the past with certain other unwanted processes (on Win7).


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                      Ross. That worked for me when on stopping windows Mail program in Xp from running. I need to do the same I. Windows 7 if there exist such a file. But up may have a winner with that suggestion for all update programs. I am not sure if the BITS service is needed for other non update programs. We remove windows defender so on our systems we disable BITS but I need like Paul D and find the executable to BITS service and stop that one too.
                      p purvis


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                        I have to wonder if there might be some way to lock or change directory attributes to the "Software Distribution" sub directory inside the Windows directory.
                        I have had to change permissions to directories a few directories inside the "Program Files" directory before.
                        p purvis


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                          After making that last post, I googled.
                          if this page drops post to it.
                          Basically it suggest to change ownership of SoftwareDistrubution directory.
                          Lately on some computers I have been using some command line tools for other directories.

                          This might be the removed material
                          Some people might want to PDF this webpage.

                          p purvis