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  • looking for advice

    Trying to find out if a program like this exist

    I want to have a machine with multiple monitors on it but the monitors will be scattered around in different parts of a building
    want to be able to from the main machine to say I want this displayed on monitor 1 and that to be displayed on monitor 2
    it would display it full screen on the monitor but also show in a window what is currently on each monitor

    if there is source showing how I might be able to work from that

    thanks for any ideas

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    You can buy devices which allow up to 6 monitors on one machine. They do not cost much. I am not sure how far away you can have the monitors. Not sure if this meets your requirement Ralph.

    I keep thinking I should get one but then I would have to build shelving.

    I currently have two monitors on my computer - very good for development purposes.
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      Not sure of you goal but these two ideas come to mind.
      There are usb 3 to optical extenders that can go up to 100 feet, not cheap and mixed reviews, see:

      I have not used these personally yet but I’m planning on a summer project to try them out.

      Another thought is digital signage.

      I’m using rise vision (free version )and $140 ubuntu stick computers. A few of the slides I have are the output of two my programs. What I do is render a screen full of information and upload it to a web server that is visible to both the internet and the local lan. I then display that as part of the digital signage, I have 45 of these around the schools I support. Of course there is other signage being displayed on them too.


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        I was thinking about HDMI over Fiber from the computer
        I am familiar with the hardware requirements and how to do a a multi-monitor setup
        should have said
        only looking for software that might do the task


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          As long as you have a video adapter which can treat each monitor as a separate screen, you can display anything you want on each monitor. This requires though knowing how to work with multiple monitors in Windows.

          First you must work with a virtual screen (all the monitors together) rather than just the primary screen. Once you know the size of the virtual screen (ie. 2 rows of 3 screens) then you can display any dialog on any monitor by using virtual coordinates. This means you need to be able to get the virtual screen size and then know which monitor is where.

          EZGUI 5.0 does this for any EZGUI users interested in multi-monitor apps.

          The following EZGUI commands are provided:


          Returns an index to which monitor the form exists on.


          Returns an index to which monitor a specific control exists on.


          Returns the area of the virtual display.


          returns the number of displays used in the virtual display area.


          Returns the name (device name) of each display in the virtual screen (an index to the display)

          EZ_WO (stands for Window Objects)

          Returns multiple system values for window objects including the following virtual display values:

          #D - Number of Displays (Monitors only) (Win 98 minimum)
          #VX - Top Left X coordinate of Virtual Desktop in pixels
          (Win 98 minimum)
          #VY - Top Left Y coordinate of Virtual DEsktop in pixels
          (Win 98 minimum)
          #VW - Width of Virtual Desktop in pixels (Win 98 minimum)
          #VH - Height of Virtual Desktop in pixels (Win 98 minimum)
          #PW - Width of Primary Monitor screen
          #PH - Height of Primary Monitor screen
          #F - Returns TRUE if all monitors have same color format (Win 98 minimum)

          For SDK programmers, I can at least provide some of the API functions used in the above commands:


          The basic idea behind multiple monitors is that they are treated as one huge Virtual Display. For example if you had 6 monitors, all 1920 x 1080 pixels, and then defined in Windows as 2 rows of 3 monitors each then the virtual display would be: (1920 x 3) by (1080 x 2) which comes to a wopping: 5760 by 2160 pixels. You simply define your dialogs or forms to be located within that virtual display area. Since cooridinates are zero indexed, a form on the top middle monitor would be located at coordinate 1920, 0 and the monitor to the top right of the virtual display would be located at 3840, 0 .

          Chris Boss
          Computer Workshop
          Developer of "EZGUI"


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            Originally posted by Chris Boss View Post
            EZGUI 5.0 does this for any EZGUI users interested in multi-monitor apps.

            One of these days, I really need to delve into EZGUI. It appears it would make things much easier.

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