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    I might get mad if I paid for updates and a clean install didn't work.
    I didn't try that since the update is not critical enough to reinstall all programs.
    If programs didn't use the registry would sure make things easy just coping them back.

    I would get mad if rolling back or using a previous version didn't work.
    I would get mad if my clients had to be fixed.

    Computer central says wait as of June 16, 2020.
    CMD shortcut to open any location:
    %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /k " cd\ & x: & cd x:\xxxx
    Change to run as administrator
    How long is an idea? Write it down.


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      V1909 and V1903 have been receiving updates for a while. At some point updates for 1903 will cease. Pausing updates up to 35 days will pause everything. I like Mikael T's post because that will pause V2004 but will still allow V1909 updates including, especially, security patches. I edited the registry and then exported the edit and got this.

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


      I have called that 'StayWith1909.reg'.

      If you want to do the same then Merge the reg into the registry - make sure the last line has a 'carriage return/line feed' otherwise it will not get merged.


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        I was talking to a friend of mine about the 2004 update. His reaction was to pause updates for 28 days after telling me his graphics card was an old Nvidia. I told him there was no need to do that - he could block 2004 for as long as the next update if he wanted. I gave him the above script. During a conversation a few days ago I learned that his graphics card was by Radeon. I barked at him saying: "You said you had an Nvidia card." "Oh", he said, "Sorry". Anyway I told him I'd write another script to remove the last one.

        I then had an idea - all he needed to do was change the 1909 to 2004 and Restart. When the next half yearly updates sticks its head over the parapet it will automatically get blocked because we are now using 2004 in the registry. Once the 'dust has settled', so to speak, we can change the 2004 to the next version, lets say 2016 for example, and Restart. When the next update comes out it will get blocked because we have 2016 in the registry and ad infinitum. So, we can now block every half-yearly update and let it through only when we are good and ready simply by changing the version number in the registry and Restarting.