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  • New Toy, 3D Printer

    So, been saving (XMas/BDay Amazon Gift cards, change in a jar, charge card points, etc.) for about 2 years and finally got enough together to buy a new toy I was looking for, a 3D printer.

    I am a "jump with two feet" type of guy so I had trouble rationalizing an entry level printer. I REALLY wanted the Raise E2 but it was out my my budget range (upon fear of divorce). After quite a bit of research and comparison I finally decided on a Creality, Ender 5 Plus. Just got it today, assembled it in about 1.5 hours, and am already doing a test print and it is coming out perfect. Amazed it all worked with NO tweaking what-so-ever. I cannot wait to see what I can make with it.

    One of the first custom things I'd like design is an external hard drive cooler. In digital forensics we are constantly connecting bare drives externally to our PCs through write blockers, but the drives get real hot with no fan. This would be a great thing to prototype and print.

    Now to buy some calipers...
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    George, how do you feed in the engineering drawings into this machine? do you use AutoCAD *.dwg files ?

    There must be a way to input the engineering drawings so that it can print out the components.


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      Still a newbie on this but general understanding is you design your object using CAD program votre choix (example Fusion 360) and save it as an STL file. You then load the STL into a slicer program to review the object in a "layered format" (i.e. allows scrolling through the different print layers) and then export it as "gcode" which dictates how the printer printers the layers.
      <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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        Sounds great, I can't find a use for one at the moment but I could be tempted very easily if I found a use. There is a good range of filaments available with a range of characteristics that can do things like toys up to engineering samples and some of it is reasonably strong. Hope you have a ton of fun with it.
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          Howdy, George!

          It sounds very nice. Like you I wouldn't want to start with a unit that had too many limitations.

          When I "retired" back o\in 2007, I was torn between a 3D printer and a CNC router. I bought neither.

          Let us know what you do with it!


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            Thanks so much George, found a video which uses Autocad 2015 to export as a stl file to the Makerbot



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              Me to. Recently bought a Sovol SV01, I really didn't need one I just wanted it. Playing with it is a bit like programming, simultaneously annoying and exhilarating. So far I've avoided Fusion 360 (never did trust the cloud or anyone who did), I'm currently doing battle with Design Spark, as usual to lazy to do all the tutorials. My main difficultly is that a million years ago I was a draftsman, so I see objects as 2d projections, but sadly no CAD software I've found see the world that way.

              Edit BTW Design Spark is free as are the two most used slicers, PrusaSlicer and Cura.


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                You can also use Blender (free) for 3D-Printing.
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                  Before I forget, look into OctoPrint, a whole lot easier than sneaker net.