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Dual Baby Viewer - Question for Jose

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  • Dual Baby Viewer - Question for Jose

    Hi Jose,
    Our son just recently had twins. Both were delivered very early (30 weeks) and will be in the hospital intensive care unit for several more weeks.

    The hospital just recently started a "CribCam", starting with my grandkids. I think that also call it "Peek-a-Boo ICU". :laugh:

    I can open two copies of IE to watch the twins, but thought some of your code would great for creating a simple app that shows both of the twins at the same time, especially if I want to record some of the streaming video. It would also be great for my family members who aren't that familiar with browsers.

    I currently have to go to the hospital site,, and log in with username and password.

    Can you suggest which of your code posts would be the best for me to work with, to create twin-IE views in one app? I could play with it for a while, but thought you might get me going in the right direction.

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    The MDI Web Browser: