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  • CSED - Support for Projects

    I've completed a modified version of CSED. It primarily provides support for projects, but has a few other changes as well.

    Here's a summary of the changes. I have an online Help page that gives more detail.

    Main menu "Project" menu
    Project submenus: New/Open/Close/Save/SaveAs
    Up to 10 Project files are kept in the Recent History list
    "Go To Highlighted Procedure" context menu
    "Go To Previous Position" context menu
    "Open in New Instance" TAB context menu
    Project file extension of *.sed
    Caret positions of all files are restored when Project file is re-opened
    Support of dropped Project files
    Project dropdown menus are grayed out if they do not apply

    Online Help
    EXE Only
    EXE + Source Code

    If you already have a CSED installation, but put the CSED_BEENE.EXE into the same folder and run it from there.

    The source code files I've changed have _BEENE added to the file name. Within the changed files, the lines I've modified/added have the comment 'BEENE at the end of the line.

    If you try it out and have any issues, please let me know. Ditto if you find anything not working as expected!
    Last edited by Gary Beene; 11 Nov 2013, 05:11 PM.

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    Well, let's not every speak at once! :laugh: Anyone given it a test run, and have some feedback?

    I have a few more changes in work and will post them later today!


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      I know this is an old post from Gary Beene, but I've used CSED on FreeBASIC and GB's version for PowerBASIC is superb. Well worth while downloading and trying it out.


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        Tad late, but, Thank You Gary. I no longer have access to Jose's forums and have greatly been missing CSED. I appreciate the changes you have made, they are very helpful.