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  • Forum Auto-Logout frustrations

    A number of people have been complaining that they keep getting logged out of the forums, and others (like me) don't have any problems at all. It seems to be a difference in the way people use their browsers (and the forums) so let's see if we can figure it out.

    First, you should always check the "Remember Me" box when logging in.

    The only forum-system time-out appears to be the "session inactivity period". If you stay on a forum page but are inactive for 15 minutes, the system will assume that you are no longer there and will 1) remove your name from the "who's on-line" list and 2) log you out. I can adjust that setting, but I'm not sure that 30 (or whatever) would be any better than 15 in most cases. Think screen savers.

    By the way, if you are in the middle of composing a post, walk away, and the session times-out, the next time you log in and begin composing a post you'll be given the option of restoring the lost text.

    Personally, I don't usually park my browser on PowerBASIC forum pages. When I'm done here I usually close the tab, surf to another page, or close my browser. When I come back here I don't usually have to log back in, even if I have closed the browser or rebooted the computer. Remember, it is a "session" timeout, so the only time it comes into play is when you let a session expire.

    Does that help?
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    I had "auto logout" problems when i had a system performance and privacy tool active. While removeing all the unwanted trash like cookies from banner ads and so on, it took also care of the cookies forums use to store the login status.



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      After a very helpful forum manager reminded me to check the "remember me" checkbox, the forum software suddenly started to remember me and auto-log out problems disappeared. Amazing how these things work..


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        I'm pretty sure logins are remembered via cookies. So clearing those (old ones) for and/or and permanently allow both hosts to store cookies should do the trick.


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          It appears that the code between the "[ code ]" and "[ /code ]" delimiters has different TAB/SPACE conventions than I use and often makes my code postings look bad. Is there a way to make the TAB/SPACE conventions part of the Users profile or ????


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            Nope, I don't have nearly that level of control over the forum software. (IIRC the CODE tag uses a type of <pre> tag, which is html-speak for "display exactly this pre-formatted fixed-pitch text".)
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              I have been running into this auto-logoff problem.

              As I have a multi-monitor system I almost always have a browser opened and a tab set to PowerBASIC. This didn't happen in the past and seems to only recently have started to occur.

              And YES I am checking the remember me check box.
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                Then the next likely cause is something blocking , or deleting. cookies on your PC.


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                  I have had the same problems and there is no program clearing the cookies. I check "Remember me", Log In then Log Out and the "Remember me" is no longer checked. I have had no issues on other websites where I do not get logged off unless I exceed the website "Time Out".
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                    I get logged out about 1 out of 3 times. I have no idea why. I can log in again easily - I think Google does it - but I have lost track of all that. I always log in with 'remember me'. I assume the problem is mine but I am interested in any other ideas.

                    I do not have this problem with any other software/web site.

                    I have Windows 10 - is that relevant?

                    I am not worried about it.
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                      I do not have any issues with auto-logout, but I did notice just now that my browser (Firefox) is showing an https:// address and an icon which, when I click on it, states:
                      Connection is not secure
                      It links to this page:

                      I see the gray lock with orange triangle icon on my screen.

                      I wonder if members' internet security settings might be blocking cookies if their browser also categorizes the site as unsecure.
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                        I've had the "auto logout" happen to me a few times in the past months but just figured that something had happened on the server.
                        It happened again today. I was on earlier ( say around 2pm ) and didn't need to login at that time. but now ( around 7:25pm ) I needed
                        to login again.

                        About 2 weeks ago, a part of my profile ( I had 3 users that I blocked viewing their messages ), while it still listed those users in my
                        profile it was not blocking their messages. I just clicked Save and it started blocking those messages again.

                        Odd but true. No big issue but sometimes I wonder if there is some untrapped error somewhere.


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                          And it happened again today ( twice ). I was on real early ( around 5am ) and didn't need to login then. about 4 hours later I had to log back
                          in ( around 9am ). around 1pm I got on without logging in. but now around 4:30pm I had to login again.

                          Is it something with the server or is my anti-virus getting over-active?


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                            Connection is not secure
                            It appears this is referring to certain elements on the page that are via a non-secure (not HTTPS) link. This could be caused (in part) by settings in the site's htaccess file.
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                              Paul, are you closing your browser at any point? Whenever I do that I have to log back in again. And which browser?

                              Frank, I'll look into that. It looks like some image-file urls need to be changed from http to https.
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                                Yes, generally after about 10-15 minutes of getting in the forums. I normally use Firefox or Opera in XP or Firefox in Win 10.
                                I try to stop in 2 - 4 times a day.

                                And just noticed that I had once again lost my list of people I exclude.
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                                  Connection is not secure
                                  I have updated the site configuration so that all of the various image files (forum headers, icon/sprites, buttons, etc.) are all set up for https. Chrome and edge are now reporting that the connection is completely secure. If anybody notices a page or subforum that is reported as partially secure, or if another browser reports a problem, please let me know.

                                  About the auto-logout problems... I recently changed the Inactivity Timeout to 60 minutes. Please close and re-open your browser to force the use of the new setting; if anybody has problems after that, please post again.

                                  "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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                                    Thanks Eric