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    Please pardon an old fool, but is there any way to search the PB forum using a search phrase? I tried encapsulating a search phrase in double quotes, which is supported in most search engines. However, the PB search engine seems to return a set that includes any hits that contain all of the words in the search phrase - and not, necessarily, in the order of the search phrase. What am I missing?

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    The vBulletin forum software itself doesn't support that, but you'll be surprised how fast this forum shows up in a Google search. I use the Google Advanced Search page and reduce the domain to "".

    Added: Here's a thread that was started just a few days ago. Google is scary.
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      That's unfortunate. The advanced vBulletin search features are very nice, and would be even nicer if combined with phrase searching. Oh well...


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        I agree with Eric. I am on another vBulletin based forum a lot ahd their built in search is a PITA too. Fortunately, they have a Google Search field in their menu which automatically prepends the search terms with and sends it on to Google. It's very effective.


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          As much as I dislike this new version of vBulletin*), as it breaks a lot of my forum usage habits (e.g. pasting the formatting of some text you copied elsewhere into the the answer filed), vBulletin in this regard is in "good company". I've yet to come across a forum software where the builtin search doesn't leave a lot to be desired.

          *) In this day and age of cheap VServers/AWS/Google Cloud etc, not hosting the forum yourself to me doesn't make sense. There's a couple of brilliant free forum software packages available out there, so you're not stuck with old versions without shelling out more money. And looking at vBulletin's pricing and if memory serves correct that this version is the hosted/Cloud version, than for ~$15/month I as a private person have a root server rented (two actually, but that's another matter). I have full reign over these and am not dependent on anyone.

          <Rant />


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            Generally speaking, I agree. But the flipside is that for $15/mo you can just set things up and not worry about updates, backups, security, monitoring and dealing with the inevitable boneheads who think they can eventually login to your server as "root".
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              I always liked poffs. I thought for a long time that references to that meant pi??ed off. Really.
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