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The Curse of Version 6

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  • The Curse of Version 6

    An article from Dr. Dobb's, 2014.

    Hoping that PowerBASIC moves beyond version 6, and into 64-bit.


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    I'm using Version 10


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      Interesting debate you introduce.

      It is always a problem how much you should know about future developments when you introduce v 1.0

      I always have problems of getting 1.0 out there. I want to keep adding new features. I need an issue discipline.

      Then you need to restrict yourself for developments. And you need to define and estimate and timeline every development. At a very low level. And no 'a miracle happens here' type statements.

      Some early histories about development are always interesting to read. There was a good book about developing a Data General operating system - I got the book here in my computer history library - I must try and remember the title - ? the Birth of a New Machine - was it?

      Plan the development - then develop to the plan. Restrict your ambitions.

      PB was a gradual development - at least for the time I was involved - since 2001. And there were/are hints in the help screens that Bob had future plans.

      [question 'Am i doing this because it is fun or do the customers really want it? The answer is sometimes not easy]
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        I would only start to worry if it was version 666 as it may be issued with some other intent in mind.
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