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Ways to compress graphicly displayed data

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  • Ways to compress graphicly displayed data

    I've been working on a data logger and I'm fairly pleased, although I still have the shifted scale ticks and numbers to deal with.

    Click image for larger version

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    plotting starts on the extream left untill it "hits" the right side, from there untill the end of plotting the image and time scale scroll left. I would like to be able to time compress the data and currently display the mean of 5, 10 or 100 samples. I doubt that this is the best way, I wonder perhaps is a vertical line representing max min values in the selected time might be better.

    Are there standard ways to do this or does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Are there standard ways to do this or does anyone have any suggestions?
    Put this in Programming section?


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      Not really, my question is not about programming, it's about visual representation of data, and thers no section for that.


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        Why not leave the left 10% of the graph as an average.

        So for example (using rounded math):
        • if your main recording interval is seconds
        • the width is of the graph is 1000 pixels
        • the right 90% (900 pixels ) would represent the last 90 seconds
        • Each pixel on the left 10% (100 pixels) would also scroll, but represent the average over the last x seconds (lets say 5 seconds)
        • So the 10% section would represent a scrolling 500 seconds (~8 mins)

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          George I'm a afraid I'm much to simple a soul to either programme or understand such a display.

          Nevertheless in the 10% section you're still proposing a simple mean and something tells me thats not optimal.