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What is the use of COM and DCOM in PB programming

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  • What is the use of COM and DCOM in PB programming

    Hi All

    I have seen some programming examples in the PB source codes which utilize COM and DCOM. Can someone explain to me what are these for?
    are these legacy protocols which may not longer be used in newer pcs?
    Appreciate all help

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    I'm far from an expert at COM, but I'll give this a try. I'm sure someone wil correct me where I am wrong

    Component Object Model (COM) and Distributed Component Object Model (COM over a network) are MS technologies to allow for communicating between applications. But it is used far more widely that just that purpose.

    It is certainly not legacy.

    A common use for COM is interacting with Microsoft Office applications. If your PB application needs/wants to interact with MS Word, Excel or Outlook, you do it using COM.

    If you use 3rd party tool such as ZLIB in your application, you may well use COM to interact with it.

    PB objects follow the COM specification, so every time you create an object you are using COM, even if you are not communicating between applications.

    PB Help has a reasonable primer on COM and the Objects/Excel and Objects/Word sample folders have good illustrations of how you can interact with MS Office.


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      Thanks Stuart, if it is not legacy then I w'd try to learn more of it