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Need advice on how to write statements of "blocking sales" on the website

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    > The best option for European countries is to dump the EU, exit NATO and hop into bed with the Ruskies and perhaps the Chinese if they don't get too pushy about taking over the world.

    Sounds so crazy that I can only smile

    As it seems it is time for jokes, I'm going to support Bluexit: Blue America, abandon Red America!

    BTW nobody cares about Brexit in the rest of Europe. We already have assumed that they will leave at the end of this year without a deal (although I won't be surprised if there are further delays) and we have more important things to worry about now because of that pesky coronavirus.


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      Worth reading: GDPR Hysteria


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        EL Reg on similar legislation from "The Land of Fruits and Nuts"


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          Reading up on the news, it seems that Germany is less than happy about the US desperately trying to interfere with the gas being piped in from Russia, compounding sanctions between the EU and US is changing the relationship and NATO is a lame duck trying to find another use for it as the cold wars is long over. Alternatively the Chinese have the industry and money as well as the Ruskies have the military hardware so between them and the EU they can improve the circumstances of all.

          The EURO is a flop that has trashed the economies of poorer European countries who need to exit the EU and start using their own money again, pesos, drachmas, lira and so on and let Germany and France manage their export prices without the artificial lows that the poorer countries provide for them. Then the burgers of Brussels can go back to doing what they do best, peddle nice chocolates for export.
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            While I agree that the Euro in its current state isn't the best thought out currency - to say the least, I nonetheless find it intersting to note that for all those countries the Euro was "good enough" to pimp their credit ratings and consequently going on a spending spree (elections, ya know!). Whereas it would actually have been smart to use those cheap new credits to pay off the old expensive ones and relieve future budgets from those enormous interest payments.