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Login does not persist more than 3 minutes

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  • Login does not persist more than 3 minutes

    I get logged out of the forum about every 2-3 minutes, even if i am working on a post or a reply. This happens in Chrome and MS Edge. Sometimes a message "Invalid Server Response" pops up.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    There is a checkbox you should check when you log in. (I'm not logging off to see what it is called ) But it leaves you logged in for year (I think).


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      You have any sort of cookie cleaner running?
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        The forum's session timeout if you don't have it keep you logged in is 15 minutes. Do you have cookie settings restricted? Or something that will wipe out cookies?
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          Did a quick google search and found people disconnecting with wifi (may not apply to you)

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            When using my old desktop computer, access to this forum gradually got worse early this year.
            It started logging out, as reported here.
            Then posting message lost all formatting. Even CR/LF at the end of lines vanished.
            Some forum navigation buttons stopped working.
            Now I can't log on at all.

            I switched to a laptop and everything works as it should.

            I assumed it was an issue with the old browser on the old computer.


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              Originally posted by Mike Doty View Post
              Did a quick google search and found people disconnecting with wifi (may not apply to you)
              Nope, it's not that. I suffer from that WiFi disconnect problem frequently, (WIn 10, FF, WIFI to an Android phone hotspot). I thought I'd tried all the remedies on the interertubes, but that link has given me a couple of other possibilities that I'll try, thanks.
              Despite periodically losing my internet connection , I've been logged in to the Forums continuously for months - never have to log in again..


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                Clicking the checkbox to "Remember Me" at the Login prompt seemed to work!. I don't have cookies restricted or cleaned in normal browsing, which is what i am using. I am on a wired ethernet connection so it's not a WiFi problem.
                thanks all.