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Basics of writing a WIN32 app

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  • Basics of writing a WIN32 app

    Here is a nice video (click the download video link on the web page) about how to writing a simple WIN32 app using C++.

    Fortunately it is more C than C++ and the code is not hard to translate to PowerBasic.

    For those interested in dabbling with SDK style coding, the explanations provided in the video tutorial should be useful to you.

    It is also a good experience in practicing converting C code to PowerBasic code. This is important to learn since most WIN32 tutorials on the web and in books are written for C, not PowerBasic. Also code on MSDN (SDK API docs) is also in C, so it is good practice to learn how to port the code. Fortunately code which is more C than C++, is not too far from coding in PowerBasic. It is all the C++ OOP stuf that tends to get messy. So learning how to translate good old WIN32 C code is a good lesson for all PowerBasic users.
    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"