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$200 for ~25 Minutes Work in a Certain Game Editor (..future tasks also)

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  • $200 for ~25 Minutes Work in a Certain Game Editor (..future tasks also)

    You or someone you know. Maybe your teenage son is a gaming geek. Game is Blitzkrieg 2. I enjoy it but am baffled by the Map/Mission editor.

    Details are in a tiny .pdf download --> BProk.pdf in (Copy + paste into your browser). Depending on your browser it may go straight into your downloads folder with little notice.
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    Last edited by Steve Nelson; 27 Jul 2017, 12:15 PM. Reason: IGNORE LINK. Original link does not work because full .pdf path did not get picked up

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    I tried to put in as link and that is valid but forum did not pick it up. So I was forced to put in dummy link, fox news is what I used.


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      Hmm, works fine for me:


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        But then again, I'd do all the BBCodes myself, so I just typed (without the underscores) [url_][/url_], et voilà, link works.