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Intermediate Software Engineer - PowerBASIC - Contract or Full-Time

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  • Intermediate Software Engineer - PowerBASIC - Contract or Full-Time

    We are supporting and enhancing a PowerBasic application for a client and require assistance. Job posting attached. Note that the requirement to attend meetings in Vancouver is optional but desirable. Please message me for more information or e-mail [email protected]
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    I'd love to apply - just because of the confusion our names could cause.

    But it's not for me.



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      Thanks Stuart. There are already two Jims. Two McLachlans would really make things fun around the office.


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        Not available for full time employment, but I am available for small amounts of custom programming services.

        20 years of Powerbasic and WIN32 experience. My software tool EZGUI 5.0 Professional speaks for itself as far as my credentials.

        Experience includes WIN32 API, Graphics, 3D OpenGL and full range of GUI development.

        Possibly the first (possibly the only) PB developer to get Powerbasic to work with RTOS-32 (see: )

        My software tools (GUI framework) have been used in a number of commercial applications by a number of companies.


        Pause video at about 4 minutes and 32 seconds. That laptop controlling Chevron Deepwater robot is running app written by one of my customers using my GUI framework (tools).

        Note: I am currently doing custom work for 2 clients right now developing software for them for use with motor controllers. I am expanding into things like embedded as well.
        Chris Boss
        Computer Workshop
        Developer of "EZGUI"


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          Thanks Chris, sent you a PM.


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            Posting again here because we are still looking for someone who can provide a regular commitment. Does not need to be full-time if you have other obligations, but would like a significant number of hours per week. PM a reply if you have interest and availability. Thanks!