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Reading "enhanced" and "extended" keys (is there a complete table)?

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    Reading "enhanced" and "extended" keys (is there a complete table)?


    I would like to read "enhanced" or "extended" keys in my program
    with INKEY$ or WAITKEY$, such as the Up, Down, Left, Right arrow
    keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down. (I don't know if these
    particular keys are "enhanced" or "extended".) In the PBCC
    version 2 manual (I am running 2.11), I see under INKEY$,

    "A string length of two (LEN(i$)=2) means that an extended key was
    pressed. ... the first character ... has a value of zero, and the
    second is the extended keyboard code. For example, pressing the
    F1 key will return CHR$(0,59)."

    And under INSHIFT,

    "Returns the state of the keyboard shift keys, as of the last
    keystroke ... the s% variable [in s%=INSHIFT] receives a bitmask
    with the shift status: 1=right-alt, 2=left-alt, 4=right-ctrl,
    8=left-ctrl, 16=shift, 32=numlock, 64=scroll lock,
    128=caps lock, 256=enhanced key"

    However (!) I can't find a table to indicate the specific
    values returned by INKEY$ and INSHIFT when the Page Up key,
    for example, is pressed.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    i just posted the source code to the function i use in my own programs
    to handle all the activity from the mouse and keyboard.
    you can obtain that source by going to this forum location:
    let me know if the explainations need expansion.

    (mail to rdrines at spamcop dot net)


      here is another one.

      e-mail: [email protected]
      pt AT pursuersoft DOT com