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    Originally posted by Doug Ingram View Post
    Use PBCC and dive in. Don't look back. Just my 2 cents.
    Shiv, you will never regret starting from scratch !
    You can use my DemoMenu as a starting point.
    Just change the item names and use your old module names instead of those in the demo to be able to call them from the menu.
    Then start rewriting the old stuff module by module but meanwhile, the programs will be working.
    This is what I am now doing while replacing my old QB45 modules with the new ones and the customers are thrilled to see the improvements coming along.

    And another good point is that you can start billing then bit by bit as you deliver the new code.

    Oh, and do not forget to put their name and initials in the center logo so they will feel that you designed it for them
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    Old QB45 Programmer