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  • Astronomy and PowerBASIC

    Greetings from Indiana! I am a new PBWIN and PBCC owner and so far have only done some simple testing. I wonder if anyone out there has done any PB programs for astronomy as in Fundamental Ephemeris Computations by Paul J. Heafner. I would be very interested in sharing ideas and knowledge on the subject and would especially like to see how others might have implemented the book's PB code. I have entered some programs from Astronomy with Your Personal Computer by Peter Duffett Smith just to get a feel for the language somewhat. The programming style in both of these books is somewhat antiquated, but it will get the job done for amateur (hobby) astronomical calculations. Thanks. Bill
    I have searched the forums and found some of the astronomy posts. Some are rather old. Just wonder if anyone is still out there and active. Thanks.
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