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Wine PB under Ubuntu

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  • Wine PB under Ubuntu

    Simply copied my (WInXP installed) PBCC folder to the .wine folder.

    I've just started experimenting:

    PRINT outputs nothing - use STDOUT instead.
    WAITKEY$ doesn't work.

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    Hmmm, interesting.

    >>>...WAITKEY$ doesn't work...<<<

    Have you tried INSTAT?

    While INSTAT = 0 : Wend

    Might work.
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      wine or better yet whine - what works on wine today does not work on the next build. A better "wine" is Crossover it is not free - runs a lot of MS stuff comes with support and a guarantee on what applications it runs. Last trial I tried did not run console applications out of the box. Console applications might run, it might of took some tweaking. I was not that interested in getting that to work.

      All my PB GUI applications run trouble free on Crossover - your mileage may vary due to com or what ever is not loaded. Now that the PB compiler is 32 bit, it runs trouble free on Crossover also.

      I think VM is a better and safer way to run windows on linux or unix. If it runs windows applications it most likely will run windows viruses.
      A dozen what.


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        >If it runs windows applications it most likely will run windows viruses.

        I like that, a lot.
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