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Positioning the PBCC Window

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  • Positioning the PBCC Window

    I am new to PBCC4 and have a short program and am confronted with sizing the screen to occupy the whole monitor screen and I can now achieve in a fashion. However in the process, I used a command :-
    CONSOLE GET LOC TO LeftCornerRow&, LeftCornerCol&
    which I presume would return the row,col co-ordinates of the top left corner of the CC window which presumably by default is somewhat lower and to the right of (1,1).

    Later in the program I had the following line to tell me the result :

    LOCATE 4,4: PRINT "top left corner -row,col",LeftCornerRow&;",";LeftCornerCol&

    When I ran the program the first and second time, it returned a result of (22,29), however running the program again produced results of (44,58), then(66,87), then (88, 116), and then commenced the same cycle again from (22,29) again. On each occasion the window is postioned accordingly.

    Why ???. What is the purpose ??? and what does it achieve ???.
    Warren Sugden

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    Most likely that PBCC command is returning the values as screen coordinates (pixels), not as rows, columns. I would imagine that CONSOLE SET LOC will also
    work on pixels, not on rows, columns.