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  • PBcc Compile/Run Save Feature

    New user moving from PB for Dos to PB CC
    IDE Tool Bar: Window -> Options -> File Preferences -> Autosave editor files is 'unchecked'

    Compile or Run also Saves the primary file.
    How do I turn this feature 'Off'? Therefore I would need to Save the file myself by clicking on the disc icon.

    PBcc manual seems to tell me that this is not available to me like it was using PB for Dos. Or do I have this all wrong.

    Thanks for your push in the right direction.


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    I forget exactly what 'autosave' is, but I suspect that this function 'saves' your work if you forget to when you shut down the IDE.

    As for not saving the source code before compiling (and executing), that can't be done AFAIK, nor would I think it very smart to do so. Since a compiled file can't be turned back into source, you'd run the risk of having a workable exe with no source file to recompile it from.

    There are methods you can use to create 'versioned' copies of your work, but that goes beyond the scope of the PB editor.

    A number of us use other IDEs instead of the PB one. I, for example, find Jellyfish to work better for me. It does have a 'switch' that you can put at the top of the source file " ' JPRO_COMPILETEMP = TRUE" which basically allows you to 'save' the source to a temporary file name before running it. Handy for those 'quick and dirty' routines that need to be tested.
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      The compiler uses the disk file of the .bas, not the in-memory source. A compile without saving would compile from the last save, not from the changes you just typed in. THAT WOULD BE REALLY CONFUSING!

      If there is a change you want to try (without losing previous code), comment out the old code, make test compile/run. If it didn't work delete new code and uncomment old code.
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        Very Helpful

        Well, now this is just the answer I'm looking for. Looked at JellyFish, now that has some nice features. I'll continue to check it out.

        I did not know the file being compiled was a disk file, that explains what is going on.

        Who could live without this forum.

        Thank You, Jack


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          Your best bet would be to enable bak files. Then when you compile it saves your file and renames the previous to a .bak so you have previous code in case your compile fails you can delete the .bas and rename the .bak to .bas. This is just one level of backup though...I seem to remember talks of a possible multi-backup system, but haven't seen anything else since.
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