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objXMLHTTP.send hangs

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  • objXMLHTTP.send hangs

    I need to connect to a server and exchange blocks of XML using SSL. The problem seems to be that the server just sends blocks of plain text with no headers and this hangs up XMLHTTP.send

    The code works fine on almost any other server, ssl or not. It's just the one I really need, hangs. It works just fine with a simple TCP program to the test plain-text port, but the live system requires SSL, so I'm having to use XMLHTTP.

    I've tried putting a few objXMLHTTP.readyState about in the code and it seems that as soon as I open a connection, I get a responce of '3', which doesn't seem right. It then sticks on that value which explains why nothing else works.

    My latest idea was to open the connection as follows:
    v1 = "POST"
    v2 = URL
    v3 = "true"
    OBJECT CALL objXMLHTTP.OPEN(v1, v2, v3)
    (v3= "false" just hangs, until it times out)

    Then having done a send, loop and wait for it to finish:
    WHILE tv& <> 4
           OBJECT GET objXMLHTTP.readyState TO v1
           SLEEP 1
    That would wait forever.
    Please can somebody point me in the right direction.