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Just another tip you may or may not know about.

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  • Just another tip you may or may not know about.

    Re: CC4.04

    I "discovered" (read: Goofing around), quite by accident, that you can, at least some of the time, copy the contents of a console screen to the clipboard.

    Consider the following test program. Running it, you can right click > Select all. At this time, at least the 1st line of the console screen will be highlighted.

    Left click to dehighlight it. Put your mouse where you want to start copying. Click-n-hold and drag the mouse to where you want to end the copy.

    Hit ENTER and the highlighted screen will be copied to the clipboard.

    Bring up, for example, WordPad, hit Shift+Insert and there it is.

    Like I said before, it doesn't work with all programs, and I haven't been able to determine the why's-n-whatfers of why it will work some of the time and not others.

    Anyway, points to ponder.
    FUNCTION PBMAIN () AS LONG          '
        LOCAL row,col,x,y AS LONG       '
        CONSOLE SCREEN 25,80            '
        COLOR 14,1                      '
        CLS                             '
        FOR x = 1 TO 200                '
        row = RND(1,25)                 ' Generate a random row
        col = RND(1,80)                 '      and a random col
        y = RND(65,90)                  ' Generate a random letter from A-Z
        LOCATE row,col                  '
        PRINT;CHR$(y);                  '
        NEXT x                          '
    '    waitkey$                       ' Select and copy works
        WHILE NOT INSTAT : WEND         'Also works.
         an$ = INKEY$                   ' Was just testing various pause techniques.
    END FUNCTION                        '
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