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USB HID Interface

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  • Mike Comeau
    Thanks Dale, I will contact them. I will install the HID drivers and see what the MOUSE calls return, I will post what I find.


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  • Dale Yarker
    Does the .exe file at for Aviator include a text file for DLL calls? (that link doesn't work when pasted into address box, I think I hate asp) Anyway, the SAITEK site doesn't seem to have any developer documentation. Have you e-mailed them and asked?

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  • Mike Comeau
    started a topic USB HID Interface

    USB HID Interface

    Hello all,

    Sorry for not being involved in the forum.

    We (for 30 years have delivered code to the DoD space), I need to remain under the radar.

    We produce code in PBCC for UAV operations (ground station).
    Our new control console now requires that we have a USB Joy Stick for the pilot.
    The code works fine with keyboard commands, but now I need include the a "stick" for "Tactical Control" of the UAV for the pilot.
    We need to receive data from a SAITEK Aviator control.

    From the maker site;

    "At this point you will be asked to install such
    features as the Saitek Magic Mouse, HID-compliant mouse, Saitek Magic Keyboard and HID Keyboard Device (these are what
    XP/XP64 calls the various elements of your Saitek controller)."

    So the point is how can I read the "stick" like a mouse with this this HID in PBCC 4.04?

    We are Exhibiting at the NTSB UAV forum on April 29-30, 2008 in DC.

    See BlackFly at the NTSB forum:

    Any help would be great, as I have never interfaced with "HUD".

    Mike Comeau, CTO
    [email protected]
    BlackFly Helicopters, LLC