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  • CC IDE Editor syntax custom color

    In the IDE for CC (and PBWin) the editor syntax custom color for background is selected by holding the right mouse button while traversing the color selector. With a trackball this becomes a rather difficult task. Selecting the foreground by using the left button is, of course, easy (unless you are left-handed).

    Can I put in a plea for an alternate combination -- such as holding Ctrl or Alt while using the left mouse button -- to achieve the effect of scrolling with the right button? I can see why you want to achieve the selection of both foreground and background without leaving the Syntax Custom Color Selector, but the choice of just left or right buttons while navigating such a small color selector pad is troublesome!

    Andrew Parker.

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    You should send this request in as a NFS(New Feature Suggestion) to PowerBASIC Support at [email protected]
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      Thanks for that.

      Well, the reason I put it here initially is that it provides the opportunity for someone to say that I have missed something obvious, and it can already be done in X Y or Z way, or that they would think this wouldn't be useful for some particular reason, or whatever.

      In other words, I'm also wondering if anyone else has found this to be a problem.

      Then I can put in a NFS.

      I can't see there's anything against etiquette by having raised it here first, is there? So I hope that hasn't offended anyone.
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        No, there was nothing wrong with posting it here for others to offer insights on it, I have done the same in the past. I thought you should send it in is all. Most users don't get to that particular feature of the IDE too often because once it's set, they leave it, so they may not consider it important.
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          I don't like setting the foreground color with mouse either. I just open the ini file with notepad and set the colors.